Become an art connoisseur in 2 days


Many of us have always admired the talent of some of our most brilliant friends when they talk about Art, name artists, or spontaneously comment on a random painting while visiting a museum, explaining the most complex aspect of Art in the simplest and most universal way. Such an ability makes people excited to be around, because they are always ready to jump on a topic and come up with interesting stories, quotes or anecdotes about Art.

What about you? Do you have a passion for Art? Can you gaze endlessly at a painting, a sculpture, a rare print or a ceramic? Do you often push the door of Art galleries and get struck by the beauty of a sculpture, but also feel a bit disarmed when you need to explain why or discuss the price? Do you closely follow the career of a young contemporary artist who you think is promising, but lack the confidence to invest and take some risks?

Enter the Very Private Circle of the Art World

If you recognise yourself in this portrait, then this experience is custom-made for you. Join our tour and dedicate two days becoming an Art connoisseur and hearing all about this impressive and sometimes a bit “private circle” universe. We are under the impression that it requires a private membership to join the discussion. There are a lot of amateurs, after all Art is a universal thing. But it takes more than that to feel nerveless when talking about Art. Become part of the Art elite, the “crème de la crème”, and get the keys and the confidence to talk about Art.

Your love for Arts is intense and your hunger for knowledge so passionate that perhaps, if you could go back in time, you would get an Art degree… But did you know most of the current Art specialists and sellers did not become so by sitting on university benches? They have built their expertise by reading, going from one Art fair to another, talking with artists… The most efficient way to become an Art connoisseur is to spend some time in galleries, institutions, museums and engage conversations with artists.

Experience Art From the Inside

Educate yourself by listening, meeting and meshing with artists and Art experts. And take the leap, from Art fan to Art collector. Art can be warm and friendly, this is what we want you to discover and enjoy through our experience. Makers and speakers of Art will welcome you and engage with you in a very enriching way. Our tour explores creativity from the inside. You will be introduced to artists and Art specialists, impatient to guide you through museums and gather at restaurants to share their secrets over lunch or dinner.

With this very unique opportunity, we invite our friends to develop their knowledge, approach and self-confidence about Art, but we also want them to network within the Art market. You will be given some tools to become able to invest in Art or simply learn to appreciate it further:

  • Meet an Art Merchant,
  • Encounter with an Art consultant,
  • Visit a private collection or Art fair,
  • Get closer to an artist and discover how they live,
  • Discuss and learn from an Art historian.

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