Christian Lacroix fashion trip in Paris


Christian Lacroix is one of the most celebrated French designer of all times. His creativity and artistic touch have been recognized worldwide, that’s why we have worked on a Christian Lacroix journey for you in partnership with the Lacroix Hotels in Paris. Therefore, you will embark on a fashionable trip, made of fashion French touches at night and day.

Christian Lacroix Hotel at night

3dd8515f5dd4c993df5267c4dc8bfe3cThe day starts with an elegant decor, signed by Christian Lacroix, made of original and exotic taste. This is like a fantasy world, an invitation to embark on a voyage around the globe with absolutely unique rooms. Rare materials, beautifully crafted furnitures, unusual objects will make your stay different and authentic. It’s charming and fashionable and as M. Lacroix explains: “It brings to mind a dolls house, or those cross sections of buildings you might see in 20th-cenury encyclopedias, with very different atmospheres from one floor to the next.”

Fashion activities at day

During the day we will take you to a private Fashion tour where you will visit the “must see” places with a fashion expert. With a private chauffeur you will visit the essential locations which makes the city one of the most popular places of worldwide fashion. We will organize it according to your taste and we will add gourmet breaks at the trendiest spots for a tailored experience. Fill your journey with Parisian elegance, grace, style and a touch of chic. We will guide you and make your trip be fashionable and memorable.

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