Live the Impressionist life


Did you know that the famous painting by Claude Monet “Impression, Soleil Levant” (Impression, Rising sun) gave its name to one of the most iconic France’s art movement, which became the reference for the French Art de vivre: the Impressionism? Through a unique journey inspired by this movement, we would like to invite our friends to a very selective and customised Paris tour, with hand-picked activities, visits and sightseeing. A luxury travel experience in the world of French elegance. A tour back in time, in a real-places portrait of le beau siècle (the beautiful century).

A celebration of life, elegance and beauty

With their remarkable scenes of carefree lifestyles on watersides and beautiful fields of flowers, the Impressionists have reacted to the invention of photography, by claiming an absolute need for movement, for life, for beauty, for colours, for a celebration of nature and youth. Impressionist paintings are usually settings with gentlemen wearing straw boaters, women elegantly smiling in their white summer ruffled dresses, while holding sunshades on the border of the French river Oise, outside Paris…

Our experience will sensitively invite you to be part of this inspiring era and enjoy the delicacy and finesse of France at its most beautiful. As artists celebrated a revolution in art and in modernity with their passionate brush strokes, you will be feeling this experience with all your senses.

Meet the muses of the poets

Now imagine Montmartre’s Moulin Rouge and Place Pigalle where all artists of Europe used to join in a whirlwind of creativity and inspiration. Free and wild, living in an era of changes but glorifying a bohemian lifestyle. The poets Baudelaire, Rimbaud and Verlaine were drinking absinth, until they would meet the “green fairy”, their muse. In a time of celebration and parties, artists of all fields assembled in the French capital and Latin quarters to honour the joys of gourmet dining, of wine, of absinth, sometimes with excess but always with a great sense of romance.

This is this whole ambiance of le beau siècle that you are invited to join during our day tour, living in a time of insouciance for a few days, where grace and panache will be the most stylish features you could ask for.

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