Gourmet experience with Monet


Claude Monet lived the life of an epicurean. When he reached fame and became a very famous painter, people from around the world gathered to seat at his table. In his house of Giverny, he was known for hosting a never-ending feast of high refinement. His friends, fellow artists and all the gourmets across Europe were often seen enjoying the finest and rarest meals and wines. For Monet, cuisine was another form of art. His kitchen, garden, and dinner table were almost as known as his paintings. His own kitchen actually looked like a workshop, pans and pots being the canvas. With his wife Alice, he wrote many cooking carnets. Our tour will have you seat at Monet’s table and taste this hedonistic Art de vivre.

French Art de Vivre and Gourmet habits!

The Impressionism movement was born in the 19th century’s France, but it still echoes today as the historic depiction and cultural definition of the classical French Art de vivre. We will bring back the memories of a France painted with bright and vivid colours and typical brush strokes, like those of Monet, Manet, Pissaro, Cézanne, Renoir, Degas, Van Gogh… And we will explain their Gourmet habits, their favorite dishes, how they spent time gardening or enjoying particular food. Some artists who are behind true masterpieces of European Art were truly epicurean.

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Monet in his dining room where he enjoyed his favorite dishes