Private visit at the Palais Royal district

See the major parts of the Palais Royal and learn about its history with this signature tour. The quartier du Palais Royal situated on the 1st arrondissement of Paris gathers many French treasures: the Comédie Française, the famous Louvre museum… and of course the Palais Royal with its beautiful gardens! It’s a palatial complex where Louis XIV lived during his childhood. The gardens are bordered with elegant galleries such as the Montpensier and Valois galleries, full of renowned craftsmen and designers like Rick Owens, Jimmy Choo or Pierre Hardy. Come take a stroll at our Palais Royal tour ! Come with us in one of the most beautiful places in Paris !

We will take you to the major parts of the Palais Royal and you will learn the rich history of the former palace of Cardinal Richelieu originally built in 1639 and the juicy details of how it became the most important market place in Europe in 18th century with some scandalous stories along the way. You will also discover the marvelous sculpted gardens and some of the most fashionable boutiques in Paris today. The tour will include the charming shopping passage way Galerie Vivienne and the chic Galerie Véro Dodat, where world famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin has his boutique.

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